Will the 2 Week Diet Work For You?

So Much Money Spent on Diet and Exercise Programs… Why Don’t They Work?

Obesity rates in the United States are approaching 40%.  As we spend billions each year on fad weight loss 2 week diet ebookprograms and exercise gadgets that break, we are gaining more fat on average every year.  Hey, even if you are someone that just has a little belly fat you can really get sucked into gimmicks that don’t work or worse, they make you even unhealthier.  So is there an answer to permanently get rid of the fat?

What Is The 2 Week Diet?  Could it be any different?

2 Week Diet is a weight loss program created by Brian Flatt. For years Brian offered one on one consultations with his patients to find a permanent solution to their weight issues and now he is offering his program to everyone.  The claims made are impressive such as the average person achieving an obviously flatter belly in just 7 days on the program, and promoting dramatic weight loss through specific exercise called burst training.

The program has been extremely successful in terms of both sales and customer testimonials. Why is this different? Or is it truly different from so many other programs? We’re going to point out some of the findings from our research, the good and the not so good about the 2 Week Diet program.

customer testimonials
Source: brian3weekdiet.com

What Does the 2 Week Diet Program Give You?

  • A multi-stage program that starts with a completely natural liver cleanse.
  • Each stage is fully documented with step by step videos, handbooks, and even testimonies from clients that have completed the stage.
  • Specific foods are suggested as you go through the stages of the program. You will have grocery checklists, recipes and instructional videos to guide you.
  • Exercise suggestions again are very specific and tailored to your personal needs. Instructional videos teach you exercises that are not typical for weight loss.
  • The program does not require major commitment of time since the exercise techniques only require 15 minutes of your time.
  • Each stage is also presented with separate recommendations for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Goal setting is stressed through as well and the program includes tools such as a food diary and personalized exercise log.

Currently the program is on its second major release called 4 Week Diet which has greatly increased its popularity.  Keep in mind that if you purchase the program from their official site you also get lifetime updates.  This is important since there are handbook materials, an exclusive software program and other items that are updated occasionally.

What Do People Say About 2 Week Diet? Does It Actually Work?

One of the frequent comments is that the diet plan part of this program is really motivating because it helps you create a tailored plan that is realistic for you, and it helps you change your eating habits permanently to keep you healthier and skinnier.  No fads or weird stuff, and everything in the program is just stuff that makes sense.

People like it because it works, and it works because of how the program is so very precise in its recommendations and the secret apparently is getting the right combination of exact foods, exact eating habits and exact exercises.

What You Must Know Before You Buy the Program

There are no rigorous exercise involved, in fact you will be given information that will make you re-think your ideas about cardio exercises or weight training or even jogging.  So be ready for that.  Same thing with foods, because you are going to find out that some of your favorite foods and some food additives that are very difficult to avoid are big strikes against you with your health and especially in your quest to lose the fat.

Our Conclusion – Is 2 Week Diet A Good Product?

The 2 Week Diet program is pretty unique because it is so comprehensive as a tool for anyone wanting to lose fat and keep it off.  We love the fact that as you go through the stages of the program it is training you to live a healthier lifestyle.  The program is also realistic since every suggestion made is something any of us can do.  There is nothing else to purchase along the way and it won’t take much time out of your day.

The materials provided are nicely done and with all the instructional videos and supporting documentation the program really is giving you everything that you could get from Brian Flatt personal sessions with his patients.  For the program’s low price we think this is very cool and hard to imagine not giving it a try if you really want to make a lifestyle change through common sense diet and exercising.

The program does have a money back guarantee of course so no worries there.  If you want to find out more now, just click here to read a detailed review.